Alfred Quainoo: The Young Man Changing The World By Being Himself

Alfred Quainoo

Alfred Quainoo is a content creator, actor, influencer and brand ambassador for many well-known brands. He is known to be a man with an aim and a man with ‘the vision’. The beauty of it all is, he has come this far just by being himself.

We interviewed this phenomenal young man to find out how he started, his aims, and everything that gives him the drive to do better and to be better.

A Business Administration student at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Alfred has done it all: from being everyone’s favourite television commercial model, to being everyone’s favourite actor, and he attributes it all to his overall love and desire, which are the facets of his ever-growing career.

Alfred Quainoo

Alfred, how did you start out as an actor and model?

“Growing up, I’ve always loved acting, so I wanted to be on television. It was actually influenced by the Nickelodeon sitcoms I used to watch growing up. So, during my SHS days, I joined the Literary Group, and voila! That’s how it all started. I joined Roverman Productions by Uncle Ebo Whyte in 2015, and that only heightened my passions in acting.”

How are you doing when it comes to handling a hectic school life and equally hectic work life?

“Fortunately for me, it isn’t that hectic, because I do make time for both, even though school to me is my topmost priority. I don’t really waste time when it comes to shooting a skit or a commercial, because I’m very easy to work with. I’m not blowing my own horn, but it’s true!”

Alfred Quainoo

Which brands have you genuinely had the best time working with?

“I had tons of fun shooting for all the brands I’ve worked with, and I’m truly grateful to them and appreciate them all, most especially Fanmilk Ghana, CloseUp Ghana, Snappy Snacks, and recently a health brand. I have mad respect for all of them.”

Again, we’ve noticed you’re a huge advocate for mental health. Would you say it plays a huge role in your occupational journey, and in what way?

“Mental health in this era is extremely important. I mean, looking at the economic crisis in our country and the pandemic as well, you need to have a sound mind to operate efficiently. So yes, I’m 100% team ‘Your peace of mind comes first’. I personally don’t joke with my sanity, in extreme cases, and I’d very much prefer working in a conducive environment where I can express myself freely and function properly. As I always say, good vibes only.”

Alfred Quainoo

What are you the most grateful for when it comes to your work life and your social life, since those two are heavily intertwined?

“I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities to represent these brands. I mean, for them to choose me, it simply means I carry something special. For my social life though, I’m mostly indoors, even though my Instagram tells a different story. If I do go out, it’s with my brother, Nathaniel Boateng. You probably know him as Scripp_T.”

Where do you see yourself in future?

“In my future, I definitely see myself doing more than being a TV commercial model or actor. I see myself delving more and more into marketing and doing more to advocate for mental health. The future is definitely promising, that much I can say.”


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