5 Things That Happen When You Become Broke

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If you’ve never been broke, wow. Good for you. Must be really nice. I know it’s just the middle of the month but some of us will still be able to relate to these points.

1. Becoming very religious

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It is when you become dead broke that you remember God because it is only God that can give you the miracle you’re looking for. You start professing that you have money with faith you yourself didn’t know you even had. When it becomes critical, you start apologizing to God for all the tithes you didn’t pay and promise to give him part of the money you receive.

2. Zero tolerance

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The anger that comes with being broke should be studies. Everyday you’re hot because you’re looking for ways and means to get money. If anyone starts to misbehave around you, you put them in their place immediately. There’s no time to joke.

3. Looking for money in bags and clothes

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If you have never reached this point, can you really say you’ve been broke? When you reach this point, you start regretting all the money you spent on food that you couldn’t even finish and you threw some away. Once you find some GHS 1 lying in the corner of one of your bags/wallets, you get the vim to search for more. Just know that this is rock bottom.

4. Everything else finishes

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It is when you’re broke that your prepaid will finish, gas will finish in the middle of preparing something, your data will finish and everything gets spoilt one after the other.

5. Expensive cravings

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This is how you know that it’s your village people that are chasing you. All of a sudden Instagram sponsored ads are different kinds of food that tickle your taste buds and you start craving all of them knowing very well that you cannot afford it.

Which of these could you relate to? Let us know in the comments section.

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