5 2021 Trending Clothes And Shoes Found In Most Girls’ Closet

A lot of people don’t like to follow trends but if we are being honest with ourselves, we like to have some one or two items in our closets that are trending just for having sake. Here are some items most girls currently have in their closets.

1. Cargo pants and baggy denim pants

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Cargo pants and baggy denim pants are outfits that can be worn for any occasion. Ladies rock these pants and denim for a quick out of the box outfit. These pant options suit all kinds of tops. All you need is to grab one and you’re good to go. These pants can be rocked with either heels or sneakers like the Air Force 1s.

2. Corset Tops

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These are extremely comfortable and as the name suggests, corset tops look like the corset waist trainers wore underneath clothes. These tops come in different types and colors so you’re spoilt for choice. They can be worn with any bottom be it denim (skirts or trousers), underneath suits and can also be worn with official trousers to work. Ladies love it because the tops make their stomachs look flat.

3. Ego heels

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These heels really sell fast because they’re very comfortable and of course, they’re trending so everyone wants to own one. They can be worn to most, if not all occasions. They come in different colors and styles to suite any type of outfit. They are worn with dresses, denim, cargo pants and the likes. If you don’t have an ego heel or heels you can still get them from IG- @bags_plugged.

4. Tube tops

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Tube tops come in different colors and textures. It’s interesting to see some of these tops come in African prints. I personally think every girl needs a tube top because the sun here in Ghana can be unbearable at times. These tube tops are usually worn with denim skirts or trousers. These comfortable tubies can be purchased from @hettys_Collection_ on Instagram.

5. Mini and Armpit bags

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These mini bags are really small and usually just carry one phone, a handkerchief and money. They come in various bright colors and are suitable for almost any occasion. Armpit bags are also cute and can be used for all occasions. They give off strong “rich aunty vibes” and have a permanent seat in the closets of most ladies this year.

Which of these do you already have? Let us know in the comments section.

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