US Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan Promises To Be A Domino’s Pizza Customer As She Opens East Legon Branch

Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan in a conversation with staff of Domino's Pizza East Legon. Photo credit: US Embassy Ghana

Domino’s, a long trusted pizza brand in the United States of America and the world’s largest pizza company is setting up shop in Ghana.

It has already opened a restaurant in the heart of Osu and today, it opened it’s second restuarant in East Legon.

This forms part of an expansion drive into the Ghanaian and African market.

At the opening of the second restaurant today was the United States Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie Sullivan.

The ambassador was paticularly happy about the growing trade relations between the United States and Ghana.

Stephanie Sullivan with staff of Domino’s Pizza East Legon. Photo credit: Domino’s Pizza

“The opening of this franchise and the one in Osu, closer to my residence, represent the ideal of that partnership, bringing together a U.S. brand and local investors to serve up a slice – or two – of goodness,” she said in a statement at the opening ceremony.

Stephanie Sullivan opens Domino’s Pizza East Legon. Photo credit: Domino’s Pizza

The other significance of today’s opening ceremony was the launch of

This is “the first online ordering and pizza tracker of its kind in Ghana,” the ambassador remarked adding that ” I know I’ll be a regular customer!”

Stephanie Sullivan holding a Domino’s pizza. Photo credit: Domino’s Pizza

“Everyone loves Domino’s Pizza back home in the United States and has stories to tell of it.  For me, I remember the iconic slogan “Domino’s delivers,” when food delivery services were rare.  When I was at the university, Domino’s Pizza boxes were a telltale sign of students pulling “all-nighters” to finish term papers or study for upcoming exams,” she added.

” I am pleased to see the start of a new American brand here, one that not only delivers a tasty product to Ghanaian consumers but also creates local employment opportunities and supports inclusive economic growth,” she added.

Speaking on the future of Domino’s Pizza in Ghana, she said “I know you have exciting expansion plans for Ghana, and I look forward to being there for your next branch opening in Kumasi or Takoradi – no pressure!”

Stephanie also commended Fire Foods Africa, a leading platform for quick service restaurant (QSR) brands in sub-Saharan Africa, for acting as the local partner that brought Domino’s Pizza to Ghana as its exclusive Master Franchise for the country.

Stephanie Sullivan with other diginitries at the opening of Domino’s Pizza East Legon. Photo credit: Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza Osu is currently open for dine-in and takeaways, and serving delicious hot pizzas to customers daily from 10 am till 10 pm.

Starting today, Domino’s Pizza East Legon, which is located on the corner of Boundary Road directly opposite the East Legon tunnel has also begun serving customers.

You can also place your orders on


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