Myth: The Longer You Leave The Deep Conditioner, The Better

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If you aren’t sure what a deep conditioner is, it is the coating of your hair with thick, nourishing and restorative product. You can use steam or moist heat to encourage the penetration of the formula into your hair.

Some of the reasons why deep conditioning treatments are encouraged are; they restore your hair’s moisture, strengthens the hair and reduces the damage caused to it by chemicals and styling products.

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When using products like this, it’s easier to think that the longer it stays on your head, the better but that’s not true. The timeframe the product should be in your hair is clearly stated on the packaging and it’s usually between 20-40 minutes depending on the brand or type of product but some people end up sleeping overnight with it and walking around with it the next day before eventually washing it out.

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There’s something called hygral fatigue and you don’t want that happening to your hair. It’s the result of constant, excessive swelling of the hair cuticle as water is absorbed and the contracting of the hair cuticle as it dries. It results in extremely weak strands which at the end of the day leads to breakage.

All you really need to do is to use heat/steam when deep conditioning and do it for the required time. That’s it.


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