4 Problems Only Left Handed People Understand

If we are being honest with ourselves we will admit that majority of things manufactured were not made with lefties in mind. It can be exhausting for them to handle the simplest products because it wasn’t made for them and so they always need to find an alternative. Here are 4 problems only left handed people will be able to relate to.

1. Using scissors

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Lefties have to use left-handed scissors because the normal ones won’t work when they use their left hands. When standard scissors are used in the right hand , the pressure applied by the fingers pushes the blades together. When held in the left hand the blades tend to be forced apart which is why they don’t cut as well. You can attempt to use a scissors with your left hand and see if it will work for you.

2. They smudge their writing

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No matter how hard they try, they’ll end up having ink in their palms. To even attempt to write anything, they have to adjust their books to an angle before they’ll be slightly comfortable writing.

3. Knocking elbows when eating

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If you’ve shared a table and sat by them when eating you’ll understand. You using your right hand will end up hitting your right elbow with their left elbow and there’s nothing they can do about it except a lot of space is given to them.

4. Desks

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Just look at this table and imagine you were left handed. You will have to resort to writing on your lap or turning your whole body just to be able to write on the desk.

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