Mopewa Ogundipe: This Nigerian Software Engineer Is Bringing Clubhouse To Android

Mopewa Ogundipe is an Android Engineer at Clubhouse

Social media app Clubhouse recently became very popular among social media users. The audio-only app has now become the platform where people go to have discussions on various issues and topics, ranging from politics, sports, relationship and more.

However, since it was released, Clubhouse has only been on iOS, giving iPhone users exclusive access to the app. This has left Android users wondering when the app will be made available for them to also use.

In making the app available for Android users, the company hired Nigerian Android Engineer, Mopewa Ogundipe to join the team building the Andriod version. This comes after the company reportedly secured new funding from a venture capital firm known as Andreessen Horowitz in January.

Mopewa Ogundipe

“If you know me, you probably know I have *opinions* about iOS only apps, so I’m very excited to be joining the team to bring the party to Android,” Mopewa tweeted after her first day at Clubhouse.

Mopewa graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2016, where she doubled majored in Computer Science and Robotics.

A 2014 CODE2040 Fellow and a 2012 NCWIT Aspirations in Computing award recipient, Mopewa has interned on the mobile teams at Instagram and Khan Academy.

Prior to joining Clubhouse, she worked as a Software Engineer at Medium for over 3 years, working on the Medium Android app and backend systems to support it.

She also had a one-year stint as a Software Engineer at Khan Academy, where she optimized practice exercises on the institution’s Android app, and also built a feature to allow students to complete their assignments across both iOS and Android apps using React Native.

Mopewa Ogundipe

According to Mopewa, she was introduced to engineerging by his two older brothers.

“They’re both engineers (electrical and chemical) and I grew up watching them take apart household appliances. When I started tinkering around, I loved the immense feeling of satisfaction when I could put the things I took apart back together, and especially so in the moments when I left them better than I’d found them,” she revealed on Medium.

“In high school, I had a series of amazing Computer Science teachers who helped a group of us start a FIRST Robotics Competition team and who introduced me to programming. With Computer Science, I found that same feeling of satisfaction again. I could create something tangible from just an idea,” she added.

Mopewa Ogundipe

Mopewa is very determined at using her knowledge in tech and Computer Science to some problems that are affecting the world.

“I get excited about the massive versatility and potential of the tech field. To me, Computer Science is about problem-solving and frankly, the world isn’t running out of problems to solve anytime soon.”

“I’m excited to be part of creating a future where Computer Science and tech are infinitely more accessible, where the people with problems that need solving can more easily become the problem-solvers themselves,” she indicated.


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