6 People Tell Us The Most Awkward Dates They’ve Ever Been On

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Dates, especially first dates can be worrisome. You’re nervous and you want to put your best foot forward. You try to be on your best behavior no matter how excited or nervous you are. A Twitter user asked on the TL about some of the most awkward dates y’all have been on and the responses we got cracked us up.

We also posted on our socials and got your hilarious responses. Check them out.

1. Robert, 23 years

I don’t know why but I went out with this lady twice and each time, I broke a plate at the restaurant. In fact, the first date, somehow I spilled juice all over my fries and because of the spill, the plate fell and broke. The restaurant manager gave me free fries so he could take my girl’s number. The second time I was lifting the plate from her end and it fell down. Since then she says either we go for a walk or we don’t do dates cause I will end up breaking things.

2. Samuel, 26 years

Lmao. This girl told me she was full and didn’t want to eat. At the end of the date, she took 4 bottles of malt and even chewed Khebab 4 on top. If you’re hungry just say it er 😂😂

3. Kwaku, 24 years

I don’t know if this qualifies as awkward but here goes. I went to see her and we had a good time. I was fasting then. I wanted to leave by 5pm but before I realised it was past 6pm. She said since it’s past 6 we should go and get food. I had just GHS 40 on me but the plan was to buy indomie for both of us at Okponglo. Before I realised, we were at the mall ordering stuff at Basilissa. We were supposed to pay about GHS 120 and because I didn’t have money, she had to pay. I felt weird after that even though she told me it was fine but chale, never again.

4. Sandra, 25 years

The only one I can remember was in January this year but it was only awkward at the beginning. So this guy had been following me on Facebook for like 5 years now. Always asking to meet up but I have this prejudice against social media hook ups so I never accepted to meet. In January, I decided to meet him. So I choose a place close to home and a date. When we met, we both sat there for close to 30 minutes. No one spoke so I got bored and I got up to leave and that’s when he started talking. I think that was the only awkward part.

5. Ama, 27 years

He came to pick me up so we go to a restaurant. It was our first date and so I was a little nervous but we really vibed. Afterwards, he started touching my thighs. I immediately stopped him and told him that it wasn’t because of rice that he’ll think he can have his way with me. First date k3k3? Hoh! I left the place on my own. That was his first and last with me.

6. Robert, 28 years

At the time, I hadn’t really been on a lot of dates and we hadn’t really talked a lot prior to the date, so there were a lot of awkward silences. As time went on it became better but anytime I think about that particular date, I cringe.

Could you relate to any of these stories? Let us know yours.

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