6 Different Types Of Hairstylists You’ve Met

If you have natural hair, chances are, you wash your hair yourself especially because of some bad experiences you’ve with hairstylists. From the way they detangle your hair to even the technique they use to wash the hair. I heard from someone that a stylist texturized her hair when she explicitly told her not to and now she has to start from scratch.

We know you’ve probably met 4 out of 6 of these people. Here are 6 types of hairstylists you’ve come across.

1. The one who’s always eating

She’s always asking you to give her 5 minutes so she finishes her food; every time you go there. There’s nothing wrong with her eating but it’s usually food that is eaten with hands like Banku and so the smell of the food is stuck on their hand. When she starts braiding the front hair, you have to either hold your breath or enjoy the smell of the food mixed with hair cream.

2. “Kokonsa”

She ALWAYS has one story or another about someone. She always entertains you with her numerous experiences with people. You just need to make sure that you’re not so caught up in the conversation that, you also say your experience otherwise you’ll be the topic of discussion when she’s taking care of other people’s hair.

3. Those who have no clue about what they’re doing

This is usually the apprentice. The “madam” decides to let them use your hair for practice and because you’re shy, you don’t say anything but you’re dying inside. Almost every step of the way she has to be shown what to do.

4. The Lazy one

For example, braids that usually take 4-5 hours to be done by one person will be done in 12 hours. Whiles braiding, she’ll stop to eat, talk to people walking past and even watching telenovelas on TV. If you don’t remind her that you’re sitting there, she’ll keep watching and be so engrossed in it.

5. The No-Nonsense Madam

She’s always serious and knows what she’s about. Her apprentices can be chatting but once she appears everyone keeps quiet and goes back to work. She can be hard to work with because she feels like she knows everything so even if she’s not doing it right and you tell her, she’ll tell you she’s right. The only reason why you keep going back is because if she knows how to do something, she does it extremely well.

6. The nice ones

These ones will give you compliments from start to finish. They’re very sweet and want you to always be comfortable. She always asks if your hair is hurting or if you’re okay. She’ll show you how the hair is going and will ask if that’s what you want. She’s very sweet and because of that, a lot of people go to her. You have to try and book ahead of time to get her.

Which of these have you met? Let us know in the comments section.

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