Save Money During Your Internship By Doing This!

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Interns are by definition broke people. You are literally working an unpaid position, and even if you do end up being paid it’s some coins that your employer is gracious enough to give you. As an intern, you want to save money wherever possible!

Stay On Campus

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If you find an internship that’s far from your house, forget about commuting from the house. Especially if your internship is close to campus. A lot of halls will allow you to stay during the vacation as long as you make the arrangements. That way you can cut down on transportation costs. And for a lot of us, our parents are going to foot that bill anyway.

Cut Down On The Delicacies

Food is one of the most exciting things to spend money. There are so many creatively delicious meals that you can pay for at so many different places. So many different and expensive places. Make a sandwich before you have to go to work and avoid spending on food like you’re rich when you’re just an intern.

Calculate Everything

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If you actively want to cut down on your cost of living, then the first thing that you need to do is to track your cost of living in the first place. There are several great apps that can help with that and make it feel like less of a chore. Check out Money Manager or Dollar Bird.

Less Uber More Tro Tro

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Being late to work and taking an Uber just one day of the week can make a massive dent in your finances depending on where you live. Go to bed early if you have to, but just make sure that you aren’t taking an Uber to work everyday.



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