8 Adult Problems Nobody Prepares You For

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As kids, we used to be jealous of the grownups. They seemed to know what they wanted and had all the freedom to do any and everything but usually, they didn’t. We used to imagine all the things we could do when we were older because it seemed as if the grownups weren’t using their freedom as expected.

We envied the fact that they “only” went to work and came back while we had to endure school and the worst of all, exams. Now, everything makes much more sense. Here are 4 adult problems nobody ever talked about and so we never expected it.

1. Going to work for the rest of your life

This is probably one of the things I still cannot wrap my head around. You know that 8-5pm job is not really 8-5 right? This usually involves waking up at 5am depending on how far your office is from home, sitting in traffic and finally reaching your office, usually working until 6pm and then sit in traffic till you get home at 7:30 or 8:00pm. Now think about doing this over and over and over again, especially at a job where you don’t really get paid as much as you deserve. Yet, that’s your life and you have no choice.

2. Bills

This includes any and everything. Electricity bills, water bills, foodstuff, toilet paper, deodorant spray, body cream, everything! You don’t realise how how expensive these things are until they’re coming from your own pocket money.

3. Jobs

According to adulthood, you need to find a job. After weeks, months or even years of searching, when you find one, you need to do all you can to keep it. If you’re on contract, you try and find a way to be a permanent worker in the company so you can at least get health insurance and get your SSNIT paid. Apart from that, you need to make sure that you’re progressing in the said job because that’s the only way you’ll get paid more. The ghetto.

4. Being aware of everyone’s mortality

A number of us lost loved ones when we were young but you don’t actually grasp the whole concept of mortality until you’re older. Being painfully aware of everyone’s mortality means you’re worried when your sibling has to go to school in another region because you’re scared anything can happen so you’re on pins and needles until they send you that text or call to let you know that they’ve arrived safely. Same thing happens when you even have to move even within the city you live in. As an adult you have to accept that your family and friends can and will die at any point and you have no say about it. You can only cry and move on. You now understand that, all the funerals your parents kept going to were for their friends and even though you hate to think about it, you wonder what will happen when your parents pass away too.

5. Mental health problems

If not because of social media, I personally wouldn’t have even known what “mental health” meant. As adults, we have to deal with so many things that most of us are very depressed or have anxiety disorders. We are all expected to go to work or school despite how you’re feeling and expected to smile and chat with everyone in your office. If that doesn’t happen, colleagues start to pass comments about how “anti-social” you are when you’re really just trying to find a balance for yourself to make things work.

6. Occasionally failing at things you’re good at

Every now and then, you get hit with these moments and you really start to question whether or not you’re supposed to be where you are either at work or school. You have to remind yourself that you’re human, take a break and come back to hit it harder.

7. Thinking about what to eat everyday…

… and then cooking it. If you still live with your family, you may or may not experience this but when you live alone, you have no choice. If you don’t cook a lot of different options over the weekend, during the week, you’ll be buying bread and egg or indomie every night after work.

8. Decision-making

How are you sure the decision you’re making currently is the right call? What if life happens and it affects the outcome of your decisions? A lot of people have not made a number of major decisions because the what ifs are too many.

If you’re struggling with this life thing, I want you to know that it’s not only you. We are all in this boat and we may hit bumps along the way but keep it in your mind that you’re not alone.

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