5 Things Everyone Is Talking About After This Week’s Date Rush Episode

Participants of the Date Rush show

Date Rush, a very entertaining dating show on TV manages to capture the attention of Ghanaians every Sunday night.

The premise of the show is simple, a lady or a gentleman is presented to a number of suitors. The show is segmented and the suitors can turn their lights on or off at the end of each segment. Light on means you are interested in the person being presented and light off means the opposite.

There are opportunities to ask questions and often video reels are played to speak to the character of the person being presented.

On Sunday’s episode, it was the turn of the men to act as suitors and decide whether they want to go out with the lady being presented or not.

Often it is the interactions between the host, the suitors and the one being presented that make the show interesting and the social media watch party adds more fun to the entire night the show airs.

Here are 5 of such talking points from last night’s show that people are talking about now:


In the early 90s, there was a campaign for parents to get their girl child educated. This challenged the notion that a woman’s place is in the kitchen – at their parents home or at their husband’s home.

Since this campaign, a lot of women-focused agenda have come to light including the mainstreaming of the feminist agenda, yet the tie between the woman and the kitchen hasn’t been broken. Some young men are still expecting their girlfriends to perform certain gendered roles at home hence the need for the woman to know how to cook but the man can be excused from this requirement.


What is the character of the person you want to be with? The church girl stereotype paints a portrait of a religious conservative person who has little fun and not that exciting during sex. They are seen as unromantic, however, the non-church girl is the hard girl who can be called a slay queen.

Participants of the Date Rush show

She is sexually active and knows how to keep a man. However, most of these stereotypes do not apply to everyone who identifies as one or the other.


Dating in this era is influenced by technology. The phone is literally an important dating tool. With couples living in different neighbourhoods, the phone is the only way they can keep in touch on the go. However, you’d find that only one person in the relationship is initiating phone calls and text messages. When one person is always starting the communication process, there is bound to be some friction at some point.


Most people often know the kind of person they are in to. Their build, their character traits among others. Sometimes, when desperation sets in and one cannot find the person they are looking for, they settle for whoever is around.

Participants of the Date Rush show

Sometimes, it works out, sometimes too, it creates resentment. You end up hating the person for no fault of theirs and you hate yourself for getting trapped into something you didn’t want in the first place. So must you stick to your standards or must you cave in?


Yes, the counsellors will say a relationship is about love, however, in the current world we live in, finances play a major role in one’s relationship.

It’s all lovey-dovey until the bills pile up and they must be paid. We guess it’s up to the individual to decide the level of financial muscle they expect their partner to have – for both men and women.

The events that unfold on that Date Rush stage is giving a lot of couples who are not part of the show issues to ponder as they continue to find and build their relationships.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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