La Même Vs Asakaa Boys: The Fight For The Ages

La Même and some of the Asakaa Boys

Over the weekend, Twitter users have chose to be ‘violent’.

The violence started when someone fired a stray bullet into the Asakaa fan base and the La Même Gang fan base.

You know when you are just minding your business and someone ups and goes to pick up a fight that you knew nothing about but ends up getting dragged for it?

That is what the Kumerican stars and the members of the La Meme Gang are feeling now.

Kumericans, who are spearheading a whole new genre of music and the La Même Gang found themselves being compared to each other.

That meant that fans from either camp will drag the acts of the other and claim why theirs is the best.

The La Même Gang and the Asakaa boys were dragged into this fight without their consent, however, the violence that followed was unforgiving.

Though the initial question suggested a hits list contest, the arguments that followed were about the following five basic points.


Between the Asakaa Boys and the La Même Gang, who is more influential? One could argue that for now, the Asakaa boys seem to be the ones in the media enjoying the limelight while the La Même Gang are nowhere to be seen.

La Même Gang

However, at their peak time, the gang also had their fair share of the limelight and enjoyed massive popular appeal. It is also good to note that the Asakaa boys are introducing a whole new genre and they are making a success of it.


In as much people who make music argue that the language of the lyrics is not a barrier to people appreciating good music, for some, it is a barrier.

Some of the Asakaa Boys

The Asakaa boys rap in Twi and the La Même Gang mostly release English language songs. This gives them more ability to gain more worldwide fans. However, one may counter by arguing that Yaw Tog’s “Sore” which is a mostly Twi song still went international and got featured by some of the leading publishing platforms.


In arguments such as these, the star power of the people involved also become a focal point. For some reason, the individual star power in the group is believed to make it “better” than the other.

Dead Peepol

La Même has Darko Vibes, RJZ, Nxwrth, $pacely, Kweku BS, and Kiddblack Yaw Tog, on the other hand, there is Yaw Tog, Kweku Jamar, Dead Peepol, O’Kenneth, Jay Bahd,  Cedi City Boy, Reggie, Kwaku DMC, Sean Lifer, Rabby Jones, and Braa Benk.


It also fell back into the old rivalry between Kumasi and Accra. That rivalry is already fuelling football with Kotoko and Hearts of Oak fixtures often receiving more attention than others. It even resulted in the deadly May 9 stadium disaster in 2001.

In this case, the Asakaa boys are proudly representing Kumasi while La Même holds it down for Accra.

La Même Gang

So just as the tale of the two cities goes, the fight of which is better might remain unsolved.


Recognition is similar to the “who are your big names” argument. The difference here is that this bothers on the extent to which they are known beyond the regular fan base world and those who are constantly in tune with current trends in the music scene.

The point here is how many of the everyday people can easily identify a La Même song and/or a Kumerican hit?

On this, it is unclear which of the two camps has a leading advantage, though others may argue in favour of Asakaa due to current events.

Another vital point made in this fight is the classism of assuming that Kumerica is inferior while the La Même Gang is this bougie group of people.

Whether you are in support of the La Même Gang or the Asakaa boys, what we need to know is that all of them need our support to fly high the Red Gold and Green with the Black Star.


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