Challenges That You’re Going To Face During A Ghanaian Internship

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An internship can be a pleasant experience that gets you excited about your future after school. Or an internship can be a bad experience that makes you question your own worth. Here are some of the challenges you might face during an internship and our suggestions for dealing with them.

Being Overworked

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Sometimes a short-staffed company without a budget for additional hires will take on interns and have work as an actual employee would. While you might get some work experience, it’s a really stressful situation to be caught in. That’s why during your internship interview, it’s important to ask what’s going to be expected so you know if there are any red flags.

A Terrible Boss

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Who happens to be your boss is going to define your whole working experience. If you get a bad boss, it can literally make your life hell and make you regret taking on the internship in the first place. In a situation like that, there no easy answers. You could have a conversation with your boss about how they’re treating you, or you could choose to speak to HR. Others might choose neither and instead try to work to keep a terrible boss happy. You need to think it through and do what’s most comfortable for you.

Competitive Co-Interns

Sometimes you’ll end up at an internship with co-interns who go above and beyond to get noticed by your superiors. It might seem like a challenge to keep up at first, but in the end it’s going to motivate you to focus and work hard yourself. And you’ll end up having an overall better experience.

Unnoticed Work

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One of the biggest motivators for working hard is the fact that your efforts are going to be noticed. Your work going unrecognized can hurt. Thing is though, when you’re consistently producing work like that, you are going to get recognized eventually. In addition to that you can also let your bosses know what you’ve worked on/are working on. Of course, you don’t want to be seen as boastful either.



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