7 Hilarious Stories Of Worst Roommate Experiences

University Roommates (image via MAI)

In school, you will either have amazing roommates that you eventually become very close to, or ones that will really annoy you and make you wish you had never encountered them.

Actually, there’s no way you will tell the story of your life in the university without including the experiences you had with your roommates.

In trying to find out some of the worst experiences people have had with their roommates, we quizzed some tweeps and they provided us with interesting but hilarious stories.

Here are the best stories we got:

1. His roommate accused him of theft

image via citizenpath

“He said I stole his GHC100 when I had just GHC2 on me and was thinking of what to eat cos my folks told me they’ll send me money the following day. He found the money later and didn’t even apologize. Days later I come back from lectures and caught him heating my stew without asking” — @Arnold_Azumah

2. He was ridiculed for an offence committed by his roommate

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“I had a roommate who was also tall like I am. He go creep on naked girls in some room wey e check like the girls go report. I got ridiculed by the baby Brunei security and the porter till the girls come show who really did that”@Keldrake_Don

3. His roommate accused him of girlfriend snatching

image via Sprintally

“Before I personally got my own apartment by the grace of God and music, I once stayed with my roomie in his yard. he usually came in with his Gf so I was forced to step out sometimes… Well cool the hectic part is his Gf liked me without me knowing.

“She usually smiled at me and I thought it was one of dem things till one hot Saturday afternoon I was minding my business relaxing indoors, dude barged in furiously claiming am tryna snatch his Gf with my looks always the girl talks about me in their convos

“He concluded that always when she enters the room with him and I’m around he noticed the girl’s reaction towards me was seductive. Hw3 I was unaware of all this. I began crying, this issue 33rr, I remember when the girl came to visit my guy and he wasn’t around, I had to cut her off and avoid her before temptations sets in and more I usually kept my distance” — @Knock__Live

4. Her roommate used her utensils and didn’t wash them

Unwashed dishes

“I think we had a minor argument. I left for home on Monday. I was planning to before. She left on Wednesday. I came home the following Monday, she had eaten with all my plates, left them all dirty including a soaking pot of semo and moved out”CupofCoffee_xo

5. Her roommate was insensitive

“Prepared rice before going for a 5:30 pm class. Got to the room after class aah huntie and her bf were on my bed eating the rice, I opened the rice cooker aah it’s empty”@HAnimwaa

6. He got narrowed in vain

Closed door

“We all left the room for this guy because his girl came over and things seemed to get a bit steamy. We stayed outside for hours, just to return to the room and they were watching “the truth behind hip hop.” They wasted the narrowing” — @whereisCaleb_

7. His roommate was selfish

“It was exam period we were both broke, I spent the last money my dad sent on our feeding, they sent him money that weekend and this guy know we needed to get foodstuffs but my man went on to buy skinny jeans, earpiece and gave me 600 naira to cook stew and rice” @topetyez_

source: kuulpeeps.com

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