5 Times Yaw Tog Laid The Building Blocks To Live A Life Of A Global Music Icon

Yaw Tog. Photo credit: Yaw Tog

Ghana’s award-winning teenage musician, Yaw Tog is in the early stages of a music career that is showing major prospects of achieving success.

As part of the reign makers of the Kumasi drill scene known as Kumerica, Yaw Tog is pulling every trick in the book to gain that home and international recognition every musician hopes to achieve.

Though he is a teenager, Yaw Tog has grown in the past couple of months to prove that he can handle whatever is thrown at him.

He is a global star in the making and here is how he is ensuring that it becomes a reality.


One of the big moves Yaw Tog did after he was convinced about his ability to make it in the international scene was to sign a deal with an international firm.

When Yaw Tog released his debut “TIME EP”, which had his “Soree Remix” featuring Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur, he signed a distribution deal with EMPIRE.

Yaw Tog Time EP

EMPIRE is a distribution and record label based in California with Snoop Dog, Iggy Azalea, The Alchemist among others.


Stars are often made and/or destroyed based on the kind of media interest they generate. The media sets the agenda and in the world of music, there are very influential international media platforms that can add more fuel to a musician’s meteoric rise from obscurity to prominence.

In Yaw Tog’s case, he has made himself the darling of the major music and entertainment media platforms such as BET, GRM Daily, Teen Vogue, Complex and others.

Yaw Tog ft Stormzy, Kwesi Arthur -Sore Remix

This puts these platform at his beck and call and he can rely on them anytime he has a project that needs publicity. That is a king move right there.


One common mistake some musicians do is that when they get the international spotlight, they forget their homegrown fan base and focus all their attention on creating for their foreign base.

Kumerican artiste, Yaw Tog via Social media

Thankfully, Yaw Tog is not making that rookie mistake. One never neglects their homegrown fan base. They are the foundation that everything is built on.

It is easy for Yaw Tog to get caught up in the international attention and ignore what is happening in Ghana, yet he is still keeping his foot on the ground and being involved in the local scene.


This is a move that needs more attention and must prevent anything that will make it a flop. Here, the artist is telling his international fans that “I see you” and “here is something for you to enjoy.”

Yaw Tog is currently exploring this aspect of his journey. With his very productive working relationship with Stormzy, the most successful Grimme artist, Yaw Tog is carefully venturing into that scene as well. The Grime Scene and the Kumerican drill scene are not world’s apart musically speaking though they are geographically worlds apart.

Yaw Tog with Stormzy

Today, Yaw Tog released a Grimme freestyle that has gotten the internet talking. While some have issues with it others are also falling in love with him all over again.

He is calling the freestyle ‘ME’.


This point ties in with the two points raised earlier. Musicians, by the needs of their craft, must get people who will listen to their music, else there is no point to it.

With every passing second, they are creating, marketing, and finding new ways of growing their fan base.

However, by so doing, they are also birthing a creature into existence – fans who must be feed with their music else they lose them.

That is why Yaw is currently always on the move.

“Sore” became popular, gained more fans, fans asked for more so they got a remix with Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur. He gained more fans, he had to keep them fed so they got the “TIME EP”, which improved his popularity but then what’s next? – GRIMME?

The question is, will his foray into GRIMME work and move him forward on his journey of becoming a global music icon?

One thing is for sure though, it is exciting to follow him on this journey.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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