The Complete Guide To Theming Your Android

How to go customize an Android

Whether we like it or not, we’re in a time where a person’s phone is an extension of them. In a single day, most of us unlock our phones at least 50 times. On those unlocks it’s nice to have something that looks and feels exactly how you want it to. Here is a complete guide to theming your android phone.

Start With A Wallpaper

Zedge Mobile Personalization App

The quickest way to make your phone feel more like you is to find a wall paper that you like. Luckily there are several free apps that are going to help you do this. Zedge is one of the best wallpaper and customization apps that you’re going to find.

Go Nuts With The Icons

Icon Pack Studio via Android Central

Don’t like the way that the default icons on your phone look? That’s easy enough to switch up. Icon Pack Studio has a rather large library of free icons (with premium options available as well). All you have to do is scroll through different icon styles and tap to apply.

Get Some Widgets

Image via Android Authority

There are all sorts of quirky widgets that you can get to place on your phone’s home. Most utility and music apps will have widgets if you would like one for easy controls. Otherwise you can get some purely aesthetic widgets by getting the Any Text Widget app.

Go All The Way With A Launcher

Nova Launcher setup via pinterest

If you want even more control over the look and feel of your phone and are willing to spend about thirty minutes getting the right look, a custom launcher like the Nova Launcher will allow to tweak all the settings that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.



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