Apps That Will Come In Handy During Your Internship

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Since your phone is pretty much always going to be on you during your internship, why don’t you have it do some of the work as well? Here’s a handful of apps that we recommend which will definitely come in handy during your internship.


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If you’re looking for a note-taking app, Evernote is the complete solution. You can create several different types of notes including hand-written ones, typed-up notes, voice notes and more. The app comes with several templates and a simple yet feature-packed user interface that makes it easy to find the notes you’ve taken.

App Block

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Do you keep catching yourself scrolling through Twitter or ogling pictures on Instagram instead of doing the work you’re actually getting paid (or not getting paid) for? App Block is an app that tracks and limits your app usage. All you have to do is select the apps that you would like to use less and the app blocks them once you have reached that limit.

The most mind-blowing feature about this app though is it’s strict mode which prevents you from changing App Block’s settings or even uninstalling the app for a period.


Email Icon Image

When you start your internship, one thing that you’re going to have to learn is how to become a person who emails. When you’re in school it’s easy to go whole weeks or even months without checking your email. However, during your internship not checking your email for even one day can be costly.

BlueMail is an app that takes all the stress out of email management. You can add multiple accounts and get notifications whenever you have new mail. It’s also quite easy to add a signature for each account, and send email replies right from your notifications.



If your internship doesn’t require you to socialize too much, and instead you spend a lot of time behind a screen or doing paper work then some music might be perfect for you. Spotify has numerous hour playlists that are going to keep you from being bored while you stay on task.



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