4 Reasons Why People Tend To Stay In Unhappy Marriages

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It’s easy to be looking in from outside someone’s marriage and judge them and give your own opinions about how each person should handle what’s going on in the marriage especially because they both seem very unhappy. It seems simple; if you don’t like them anymore, leave but honestly, it’s not as simple as it we make it seem in our minds. Here are some reasons why people tend to stay in unhappy marriages.

1. Fear of judgement

In our community, ladies who end up divorced are looked at with disdain most of the time so they would rather stay in a marriage that costs them their happiness and pretend outside that all is well than to ask for a divorce.

2. Financial Constraints

How do you leave a situation when you don’t have enough money to rent a place for yourself and maybe your kids. Usually they probably don’t have jobs they can rely on for constant cash. They have to find their footing first before they can leave.

3. Religious and cultural beliefs

Divorce will be perceived as sin no matter what for some people and so even when they have to go their separate ways with their partners, they’ll rather stay in the marriage and be unhappy. Also, for a number of people, divorce brings “shame” to their family and they don’t want that. Family members will do whatever they can to keep both parties together.

4. Hope

A lot of people stay in the marriages because they remember how good the relationship used to be and they hope and keep praying that things will get back to normal.

Be kind to people who are unhappy in their marriages and try to get to know what really is the reason why they can’t leave and help them make the right choice.

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