How Exercise Can Impact Your Skin In Both Good And Bad Ways

Exercising as a whole makes you feel good about yourself. You tend to have more energy and feel healthier in general. Apart from health, exercising influences your skin in both positive and negative ways which isn’t that surprising since it’s the body’s largest organ.

Exercising regularly positively affects the regenerating effects on our ageing process. No matter your age, once you start exercising, it affects your skin’s thickness and elasticity positively.

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Since your heart rate is up, it improves circulation, promotes collagen production, and promotes new skin cells which keeps the skin looking glowing. The “post-workout glow” is a real thing.

One thing you should remember if you’ll be working out when the sun is out is to wear sunscreen otherwise, you run at a risk of getting sun damage. Use oil free sunscreen so it doesn’t clog your pores.

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Chafing and rashes may occur when you start working out because of the friction. Apply moisturizing ointment in the area where you experience chafing to reduce the effects of the friction. Also, make sure right after working out, you take your bath and dry yourself throughly including your inner thighs, buttocks, and under your breasts to prevent a condition which causes the reddening of those body parts.

If you have a sensitive skin, working out may cause your skin issues to get worse. Instead of working out when the sun is high, try to do it when the temperature is cooler outside or use a treadmill and put a fan by you so it blows cool air as you exercise.


If you have acne and where you workout is far from home, carry wipes so once you’re done, you can use them on your face. Once you get home, take a shower and do your facial routine.

Don’t forget to keep being hydrated when you workout. A lack of hydration contributes to the look and feel of skin.


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