5 Things Women Think Are Sexy But Turn Men Off

Last week we wrote about the things guys think are sexy but really really turn us off and so today, we are coming for the ladies. Maybe these points are why the guys you start talking to just stop at a point without any reason. Maybe these points are the reasons why you’re still single even when you’re always putting yourself out there.

1. Playing dumb

You know very well that he’s moving to you but because of the numerous love movies you’ve watched, you think it’s cute to play dumb and act like you don’t know what’s going on. Not everyone is patient enough to wait around and see if this is all a ruse and so you’ll be left hanging.

2. “Doormatting”

You allow yourself to get walked over just because you want them to like you. Most men want people who can think on their own and have their own opinions. The other men left will just take advantage of you and you won’t like that. Agreeing to things you would normally disagree to because you want a man just reeks of desperation.

3. Faking it

You don’t want to be your real self around them because you’re not sure they’ll like the real you. Just know that when you’re being fake, half of the time, people know. Even if they can’t figure it out there and then, eventually you will be exposed.

4. Being Overly Dramatic

Generally, men don’t like drama but they’ll tolerate it if they like you. Maybe you like being dramatic with him for his attention but know that he’ll get tired of it and will eventually leave when it gets too much.

5. Not being decisive

A clear example is him asking you what you want to eat and you acting like you don’t want anything. He gets something for himself and you get mad that he didn’t get you anything. Or he for example, gets you fried yam because you say you’ll eat anything and he gets jollof for himself but you eat his food and leave yours there. Guys like ladies who won’t stress them and if you do this, you’re being stressful. It’s not cute.

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