Top 6 Offensive Things People With Natural Hair Hear Everyday

Thanks to it’s gravity-defying texture, natural hair stands out anywhere and because of that, almost everyone who sees it has an opinion about it. It’s okay to be curious about the hair and want to know more about the style but some comments, remarks and “advices” are extremely annoying.

1. “Is that the hairstyle?”

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This insinuates that the hairstyle I have on isn’t “done” or it’s not nice. If these are actually what you’re saying, there are better ways to put it. This will definitely get the person to annoyed because it’s just rude and distasteful.

2. “How come your hair looks like this and [insert another person with natural hair] has hair like that?”

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Erm… genetics? They are completely different people? Different ways of styling hair? Different hair products? There are a lot of different factors that influence the way our hair look. Why compare when you can just appreciate the diversity?

3. “You’ve got good hair”

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Once again, why compare when you can just appreciate how diverse natural hair is. It shouldn’t be about whose hair is easier to maintain than others but should be about embracing everything about yourself including the natural way your hair grows.

4. “Your hair is hard. Why won’t you relax it?”


This is especially from hairdressers. It’s okay for your hair to be “hard”. That is the type you have and so you deal with it as it is. If the owner of the hair hasn’t complained, how is it your headache?

5. “Your hair doesn’t look like it’s growing”


You have no idea what this person is dealing with, medically or otherwise and so this statement is very uncalled for. You just add to the person’s insecurity and so what good did that do?

6. “Can I touch your hair? [then immediately goes ahead and touches it without waiting for your response]”


This is one of the worst! How do you go around just touching people’s body parts. This is part of the reason why some naturals don’t like leaving an Afro on. Because people will keep touching it without permission and proceed to give unwanted advice.


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