5 Students Tell Us How Technology Has Transformed Their Lives From Good To Great

Vodafone changes global brand positioning

If I asked if you thought technology was useful, you would instantly respond: of course! However, technology has even more potential than just being useful. It can change lives. Kuulpeeps spoke to some university students and according to five of them, this is how technology has changed their lives from good to great.

It’s still a bit funny for me to talk about this. Like I’m actually running a successful business and all I’m using is my phone. So I sell clothes on Instagram and just last week, there was a day when I made about 200 cedis while sitting in a lecture hall. I’m just grateful for technology and social media.

Anne, 21, Legon.

Oh boss, of course technology dey change lives. I started learning Graphic Design on YouTube during the long vac and I have already done some paid work. My CV too is looking good so I can find a graphic design internship. My career start that o. And it’s just because of YouTube videos.

Frank, 19, UENR.

Sometimes, the textbook you want is so hard to find here eh. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to find the book online and pay something small to read it. With my tab, I can get all the books I need. I prefer it that way.

Kisi, 23, GIMPA.

I don’t really like to call myself like that, but I’m an influencer. I don’t know … I’ve always been popular so my social media posts always blow up. And then a friend told me that I can make some money. Now I just promote products that I actually like and I get paid. I get a lot of free products to try too.

Danielle, 20, Legon.

I’m a football fan. Oh a very big one. I can’t tell you how many of my friends I became friends with because of football. My heart all dey Liverpool and it’s because of technology that I can watch the matches and follow the players online. It’s not just entertainment, big man. Football is life.

Jude (AKA Ronaldo), 20, UPSA.

Technology has grown from being something that adds excitement to people’s lives to becoming an important part of different ways of life in a globally significant way. As such, Vodafone is changing its global brand positioning from “The future is exciting. Ready?” to “Together we can.”

This new positioning aims to shine the global spotlight on a single essential message: Humanity together with Technology can transform lives from good to great.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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