5 Questions We’ve All Wanted To Ask Trotro Drivers At Some Point

We’ve all had a LOT of questions when it comes to these people who make our lives easier and stressful at the same time. Look through ours and add yours in the comments section.

1. “Why is it hard to get cars going to a certain location sometimes?”

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For example, instead of there being cars available in Dome to Kwabenya, Ashongman Estate and Madina, sometimes, ALL the cars are headed towards Kwabenya and Ashongman Estate. You’ll stand at a bus stop for hours before you get a car for Madina.

2. “Why should we suffer when the bus conductor decides to sacrifice his seat for an extra passenger?”

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A lot of us don’t like to sit by the “mate” because of the suffering that goes on there. They decide to forfeit their seat for one person or in some cases 2 and they end up also sitting down on the seat instead of the space usually in front.

3. “How are the fares calculated?”

For example, if Dome to Atomic Junction is GHS 3, and from Dome to Legon Botanical Gardens is GHS 2 50p, why isn’t the Gardens to Atomic Junction 50p then?🌚🌚

4. “How do they decide where a bus stop is?”


When someone wants to alight at a particular point, they say it’s not a bus stop but if they want to pick someone up, they’ll do whatever it takes to stop and pick them. Soooo… how do they decide which point is a bus stop?

5. “Who taught the bus conductors to call people by their position and the moneys given?”

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“Yeeesss front 50gh.” If you like don’t respond and see. They’ll take your balance away.

I personally think trotro is one of the best things about being Ghanaian especially because of al the experiences you have in it, the different types of people you encounter and the fact that it is very pocket friendly.

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