This Is Why You Can’t Seem To Get A Boyfriend

You’ve been single for God-knows how long and you want to change that relationship status but you can’t seem to figure out how. All your previous relationships failed and you can’t seem to figure out what the problem actually is. If you’re one of the girls who keep asking themselves these questions, here are some possible answers.

1. You aren’t putting yourself out there

If it isn’t about work or school, you don’t want to go out. You hardly hang out with friends. You don’t meet new people. If you stay home all the time you aren’t going to meet anyone. If you really want a boyfriend, you will have to go out and find someone.

2. You’re too picky

Being picky can be good in a way that you know the type of person you want but you shouldn’t be expecting someone who isn’t realistic. Everyone has flaws and so you need to pick someone who’s flaws you can live with. Nobody is perfect, including you, so stop expecting perfection. It’s great to have standards but it’s also okay to adjust them when you meet someone who ticks all your boxes except 1 or 2 that you can still be alright with.

3. Low self-esteem

You always think you’re not good enough or you’ll disappoint them. You don’t have self-love so it’s hard for anyone to love you. People can sense your low self-esteem through the way you talk about yourself and even act and it’s not an attractive trait. You’ll need to work on yourself before you go out into the dating pool.

4. You’re not emotionally available

You might deny it but there’s a possibility that you compare every guy to your ex and once you see they’re no where like him, you push them away. If this is you, you need to find a way to detox yourself. Get him out of your system and move on. If you don’t, the cycle will keep repeating itself. Also, in some cases, you’re afraid to open up because you’re afraid of getting hurt. You need to analyze your feelings and get to the root of your fear.

5. You want guys who don’t want you

If we are being honest with ourselves, we will admit that we’ve all been here before. We have perfectly good guys who fawn over us but we don’t see them. We are trying so hard to get the attention of someone who doesn’t even know we exist or who see us as “just friends”. If you keep chasing men like this, you’ll forever be single.

We hope you’re able to identify what your problem is and address it.


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