7 Questions That You Should Ask During An Internship Interview

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During your internship interview your interviewer is trying to determine if you’re a good fit. You should also be doing the same thing. And if you’re already excited about the internship, then you can also use your interview as a way to find out what to expect/what’s expected of you when you start.

1. Can You Elaborate On The Day-To-Day Responsibilities This Job Entails?

2. What Are The Characteristics Of Someone Who Would Succeed In This Role?

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3. What Would I Be Expected To Accomplish By The End Of My Internship Period?

4. What Are Some Of The Challenges That Previous Interns In This Role Have Encountered?

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5. How Would My Performance Be Measured In The Role?

6. What Other Departments Would My Team Be Working Closely With?

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7. What Do You Like Best About Working Here?

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