Spc.Gh.st Debut Mixtape Alt.Spc Files (Side A) Bares Gifts From The Ether


Multidisciplinary Artist and Musician RevyBoadu and founder of Spc.Gh.st(space ghost) has released the debut tape “Alt.Spc Files (Side A).

Born in Dawhenya. We come bearing gifts; Musical gifts from the Ether. Circa 2015 to infinity. Spc.Gh.st is a musical collective. Founded by RevyBoadu.

Revy Boadu founder of Spc.Gh.st(space ghost)

Stream here https://distroplug.ffm.to/altspcfiles

Spc.Gh.st as a collective like to employ a futuristic wave that combines live elements, and melodies that are guaranteed to take you up in the clouds to space.

Our debut tape dubbed “Alt.Spc Files (Side A), is our most recent successful sound experiment. “This is an embodiment of Alternative Music in the broadest sense.

Spc.Gh.st hopes to bring you more gifts from the ether that brings you warmth and peace of mind to go through the day to day.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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