Sonnie Badu And His Fast-Tracked 4-Month Road To PhD Miracle

Sonnie Badu

Gospel musician and the founder of The RockHill Church, Sonnie Badu is the person on the social media hot seat today.

The man of God has found himself as the topic of discussion after questions were raised about how he was about to secure three degrees within the space of 4 months.

Within 4 months Sonnie Badu secured a Bachelors Degree in Ministry, a Masters degree in Christian Leadership and a Doctorate in Musicology.

He received these degrees from an unaccredited Christian institution in the United States called Trinity International University of Ambassadors.

He celebrated the achievement as a blessing and credited the Grace of God for his success.

Besides, the above, Sonnie has also an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity, he also has a Doctorate in Theology.

Now, in the mainstream academic sector, there is no way someone can obtain a Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD in the space of 4 months.

That got many people to question the Gospel musician who already describes himself on Instagram as a Doctor, Professor, among others.

As the attacks from social media keep coming, Sonnie Badu is also not backing down claiming that people are bent on pulling him down.

Maybe, if only Sonnie Badu will explain that these are theological degrees and do not by any means suggest an academic qualification, then maybe people will back off a little bit.

As for now, its no holds barred as people keep coming for him.


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