How To Turn Around A Terrible Internship

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There’s a checklist of things that makes any internship a good one. If those things are missing then you’ve probably found yourself in an uncomfortable internship, which sucks because your internship should be about discovering who you have the potential to be and get you excited about the possibilities of life after school.

Here are the signs that you might not be in the best internship.

Your CEO Uses Fear To Motivate You

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As an intern, getting chances to interact with your CEO should be something that you look forward to. However, if you’re in a place where the CEO makes a habit of calling interns in to give them hell for not completing a task, then you should know that you’re in the wrong place.

You Can’t Make Connections

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This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in a bad internship, but if your internship requires you to sit in at an isolated desk all day without meeting any people, then you’re not going to get the chance to network. Networking is one of the top reasons that you’re going to want to get an internship in the first place.

You’re Not Being Asigned Tasks That Matter

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

One thing that you’re doing you internship is getting work experience. That means you want to get a hands on experience and get involved in the company’s operations. How else are you going to make your CV look good? If you’re only being made to arrange files and move things around your office then you’re losing out.

There’s No Training

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During your internship, even if it’s not your first, you’re there to learn. Most companies don’t have time to conduct a formal training session, but if you find yourself in an internship where you’re not given any training at all and are still expected to know what to do then that’s a bad situation.



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