Here’s How To Land The Internship Of Your Dreams

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Internships can determine the course of your entire career. I would know because I’m currently working at a place I interned. It’s definitely important to find an internship that suits your interests and career ambitions. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect internship opportunity.

Start Looking Early

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The earlier you start applying for internship positions, the more opportunities total you’re going to apply for. This not only gives you a choice between companies in some situations but it also increases your overall chances of landing an internship.

Find A Mentor

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Sometimes you just need someone more experienced to show you how to get things done. That includes getting an internship. Finding a mentor in your field can give you insights into how they got their start and how you can apply those insights, and connections, to find the perfect internship.

Be Creative

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Especially if you’re applying to a position in a creative field, you want as much as possible to show off what you can do. You can include a link to your portfolio in your internship applications or even attach some of your work in the email.

Do Your Research

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When you’re applying to company, you want to make them understand that you actually know the company; you know what they’re about, you know how they make money and you know what you can offer them. These are all things that you can find with some research and capture in your CV and cover letter.



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