15 People Talk About The Petty Reason Why They Refused To Date Someone

A twitter user (@tejumania) asked people to talk about the most petty reason they refused to date someone and the responses had most of us on the floor dying of laughter.

The reasons made sense but to think that that was why they refused to date the person made it extremely funny. Check out some of the responses.

1. On a first date?😹😹

2. How do you fart on the first date and tell the person to get used to it?😹😹

3. Where do you meet these type of people??😹😹

4. Apparently this statement is grammatically correct but still. Who says it like that?😹

5. I concur. This is ritualistic behavior 😹

6. We have no words chale😹

7. Why do people still do this??😹😹

8. That’s how you’ll be in the relationship and be jealous of your girlfriend’s beard😹😹😹

9. Lmao. Peace of mind is paramount please. How and why do people keep typing like this fgs??

10. Cut your coat according to your size😹

11. Really petty😹😹

12. She was losing battles even before the relationship even started 😭😭

13. 😹😹 but wasn’t he?

14. I guarantee that he issss. Just google his name 😹😹

15. You people are ruuddeee😹😹😹

Which of these made you laugh out loud? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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