Netflix Documentary “Seaspiracy” Will Help You Understand Why Fishes Washed Up Ashore From Axim To Keta

Netflix Documentary "Seaspiracy" Will Help You Understand Why Fish Washed Up On Ashore Over The Weekend From Axim To Keta

Over the weekend news broke concerning some 60 dead dolphins been sighted at the shores of Axim-Bewire in the Nzema East Municipality of the Western Region. Earlier on Friday, The Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly also cautioned the general public against consuming fishes that were washed up unto the shores of some beaches in Accra on Friday, April 2.

With this being timely, we just haven’t had any official report stating the main cause of this phenomenon. However, recently Netflix released a documentary by Ali Tabrizi, a British filmmaker.

Seaspiracy is a 2021 documentary film about the environmental impact of fishing directed by and starring Ali Tabrizi, a British filmmaker. The film is produced by Kip Anderson, director of plant-based diet documentaries Cowspiracy and What the Health.

The film premiered on Netflix globally in March 2021 and garnered immediate attention in several countries. The film received praise for bringing attention to its subject matter and has controversy over its scientific accuracy and neutrality. Some organisations and individuals interviewed or negatively portrayed in the film have disputed its assertions and have accused the film of misrepresenting them.

Electric pulse fishing is a fishing technique sometimes used in trawl fisheries which produces a limited electric field above the seabed to catch fish. The pulse trawl gear consists of a number of electrodes, attached to the gear in the tow direction, that emit short electric pulses. The electrodes replace the tickler chains that are used in traditional beam trawl fishery. The pulse trawl fishery is mainly aimed at flatfish like sole, with by-catch plaice. This is harmful for the ecosystem because, the technique harms the fish it is designed to catch and kills marine life that is supposed to be left alone. If you electrocute marine life you have an ecosystem-wide problem.

Watch Seaspiracy here.

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