5 Things Men Think Are Sexy But Are Actually Turn Offs

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If you’re a guy and you’re wondering why you seem to be doing everything right but no girl still wants to date you then we’ve got some bad news for you. There may be some things you do that you think are sexy to ladies but are actually repulsive. Here are some of them.

1. Using your finger to rub her palm when shaking her hands

I am still very confused about how this is still a thing. How did people come up with the notion that tickling a girl’s palm will leave her yearning for their presence in her life? Maybe it worked years ago but now, it’s just extremely confusing and repulsive. No girl wants that please.

2. Bragging about sex

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Bragging as a whole is repulsive but bragging about sex is really a no – no. It may be hard not to talk about your sexual prowess to intrigue her but trust me, you can go about it differently. Don’t brag about it. Most of the time this just increases the expectations of the lady and you’ll not meet it.

3. “Dick pics”

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If you’re a guy who still does this, look in the mirror and say “shame on me”. Nobody wants to see your dick especially when no one asked. Why?? Why do you do it? It’s usually never flattering too. They just look weird. Keep it in your boxers sir.

4. Lip lick


This just makes you look like a predator spotting a prey and this doesn’t make girls feel safe. You look like all you’re interested in is sex and you see the lady as a sex object, nothing more nothing less. You do NOT need to wet your lips before you speak every sentence to a girl. It is not sexy.

5. Whispering And Breathing Heavily

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😹😹😹😹 Some of you are just trying too hard to be sexy and it’s really not a good look on you. You cannot copy everything you see in movies. If the lady likes you and you know what you’re doing, you can pull this off but more than half of the time, it just doesn’t work. Plus, some of you even have bad breath making it difficult to breathe around you.

If you’ve tried any of these before, don’t worry. The past is the past. Go and sin no more.

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