Social Media To The Rescue: Ewurama Needs Your Help

Ewurama Asare Takyi Danquah

Ewurama Asare Takyi Danquah is just like any of us. She went to school as she was told and lived her life as she was trained to.

As an old girl of Archbishop Bishop Potter’s Ewurama represents that everyday Ghanaian girl who studied and believed that success in life came from education.

However, the pursuit of that life goals and dreams took a nosedive in 2011 when her life and her world came crashing all around her.

She had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Numerous efforts to treat her yielded no positive results as her condition continued to deteriorate to the extent that movements of her lips, limbs, and arms have been restricted. 

To put Ewurama on a full course of treatment that has better chances of saving her life, she needs to raise $50,000 that’s GHS 287,854 or roughly GHS 300k.

Obviously, raising such an amount has become a problem and now she has turned to Ghanaians to help save her life.

A Go Fund Me campaign created for Ewurama has raised a little over $23k of the $50k goal.

No amount is too small to help. You can follow the link here to donate to Ewurama’s treatment.

Alternatively, you can donate via Mobile Money to Stella Thompson on 0241331415.


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