Reggie N Bollie Pulled A Spectacular April Fools’ Day Prank On Their Fans

Reggie n Bollie with Ed Sheeran

Yesterday was the 1st of April and the eve of the death of Jesus Christ.

But not even the significance of Easter could stop people from pulling pranks on their friends and family.

Some celebrities also pulled pranks on their fans.

UK-based Ghanaian duo Reggie N Bollie got their fans good with their April Fool’s Day prank.

They tweeted a photo of themselves sandwiching Ed Sheeran. In the caption, they claimed that they would be releasing a remix to their hit song “Kiss Your Bride” featuring the British pop star, Ed Sheeran.

They claimed the song would be released a minute before midnight yesterday.

Lo and behold, what looked like a legit announcement was in fact a prank.

Of course, the two musicians have a good working relationship with Ed Sheeran so it was believed.

However, it was a big fat lie cooked up by Reggie n Bollie.

Did y’all fall for the prank?


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