4 Tips On Juggling Both School And Your Relationships

A student’s life is full of class, studying, doing assignments, trying to catch up with friends going through the same cycle, going broke, forgetting to even eat, trying new experiences and the likes. We all want to experience the fun of being in the University, away from our parents and also balance that with any relationship we have plus our education. It’s not easy.

You can get sucked into the fun and entertainment with your partner and you’ll forget to study and there’s focusing so much time on your studies and forgetting that you have a partner. To help you out, here are some tips on juggling both school and your relationship so you can excel at both.

1. Study Together

You can call it a study date. If you can, go to a library and study or do it in your study room. If you do the same course then that’s a jackpot because you can help each other study as you motivate and encourage each other. If you don’t do the same course, that’s also fine. Seeing them study will still give you the motivation to go hard. You can set questions on what you’ve learnt so after your study session they can quiz you.

2. Set study goals

You need to plan that after each day or week, you should have studied whatever new material you’ve been given in class. It is going to be hard because whatever time you set aside is time that you could have been chilling with your friends or partner but you need to focus. Don’t skip studying for a test just because you “have” to spend time with your partner. Let them know about it and go and study. Reward yourself later by spending more time with them. Remember, you were sent to school to learn. So do that.

3. Communicate

Sometimes you need a little space because the workload has become too much especially because you’ve been postponing when to do your assignments and study so they’ve piled up. Let your partner know about it so they won’t be asking to see you since you’ll be busy.

4. Time management

You need to start learning how to manage your time now. Chances are you have different groups of friends you like to hang out with, a partner, groups you’re involved in and other people you like to hang out with. All of these people need your time and if you mess up, you’ll either lose their friendship or fail in your exams. All you need to do is to apportion time for each group and your studies and try to stick to it.

Remember, you have been sent to school to learn and make connections with other people. It’s not just about studying but also about the people you meet. You need to balance it out so that at the end of the day, when your education doesn’t favor you, your connections and friends will.

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