Paps: The Creative Leading FUMAIS To Change The Perception Of Streetwear Fashion In Ghana

Philip Okyere Agyapong is the founder and creative director of FUMAIS

Streetwear fashion has not really resonated with many Ghanaians. There still seems to be a negative perception of people who love streetwear, and Philip Okeyere Agyapong (Paps), the founder and creative director of FUMAIS, is determined to use his brand to correct that perception.

Philip started FUMAIS in 2017 while at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). FUMAIS is an abbreviation for “Fashion Upgrades Man’s Abilities In Society”.


As a fashion enthusiast growing up, Philip identified that creatives, at the time, were not creating fashion styles that appealed to young people. According to him, the idea of creating unique clothing for young people is what inspired him to start FUMAIS.

“I started FUMAIS back in school [KNUST]. I got a few materials and designs I had already made in my books and gave them to a tailor. It came out and was really good. We couldn’t really sell all the pieces that we made. Initially, selling them wasn’t the main aim. We just wanted to create something and bring it out and see the final product of whatever that we wanted to create. As time went on things became better and it became a full brand.”


Revealing what he wants to achieve with FUMAIS, Philip, who is also an alumnus of Pope John SHS, indicated that he wants to redefine the fashion culture among young people and correct the stereotype others have about young people who love streetwear.

“Being a streetwear fan in Africa, sometimes, someone might think we are being wayward. Sometimes someone might think you are not even in your right senses. But then, we are trying to create and redefine that culture. We want to get to the point where someone might see you in streetwear and think yeah, that’s what is on now and there’s nothing wrong with the person and that the person is just trying to express whatever they have inside them,” he explained.


As a brand meant to inspire the youth, FUMAIS clothing is worn by celebrities that appeal to young Ghanaians. King Promise, Moore Sound, Joey B, RJZ, DarkoVibes and many others are huge fans of FUMAIS clothing.

This, however, makes Philip very happy. “They are the jiggiest and waviest artists in the industry right now. So that should tell you how wavy and jiggy our brand is,” he said with excitement.

“We’ve also worked with Queen Drie, who is a Ghanaian rapper based in Chicago. We worked on clothing for her music video, merch and other designs,” he added.

Darkovibes and RJZ in FUMAIS clothing
King Promise wearing FUMAIS jeans

Aside from changing the negative perception of streetwear fashion, Philip aims at getting FUMAIS to become a global streetwear fashion brand that ties in with its tagline – “The World Will Know Us.”

“We want to be a global brand and be known around the world. We want to have our clothing across Africa, in Europe and the Americas… we just want to be almost everywhere in the world. And also most importantly, we want to change the mindset about streetwear fashion in Ghana.”


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