Microsoft Excel Help For The Complete Noob

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If you end up doing your service in a company that deals with a lot of data, then you’re going to end up using Microsoft Excel at one point or another. Not to mention, having some Excel skills looks good on your CV as well.

Filtering Data

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If you’re working with a lot of data, it can be frustrating trying to find just one group of entries. Luckily, Excel has a feature that makes that quite easy. Filters can be added to columns in your spread sheet.

First you have to select the data that you want to filter through (a quick way to that is to use the CTRL + A command). Then click on the Funnel Icon on the Home ribbon to find the filter that you want.

Create A Simple Graph

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Creating a graph from data in your Excel Sheet sounds like something that should be fairly tasking. However, you can do in just a few clicks. First you need to select two rows from your data. Then click on the Insert Ribbon, and you should find a graph icon as shown above.

Easily Calculate Statistics

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You can perform a lot of simple math operations on data in your sheet simply by entering “=” into the target cell for your result. To add two cells, first enter “=” into the cell where you want the result, then click on the first cell you want to add, put a “+” and click on the second cell that you want to add and press enter. The same process works for different operations as well (even involving multiple cells).

If you want the average or some of a group of cells, use the =AVERAGE(Cell Range) or =SUM(Cell Range) formulas.



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