Essential Tips For Getting A Recommendation Letter From A Professor

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If you have any plans of applying for scholarships or for post graduate programs after school, then you want to get some recommendation letters sooner rather than later. Here’s how to go about getting a solid recommendation letter from your professor.

Choose A Professor Who’s Impressed With You

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

When looking for a professor to write you a recommendation, you want to pick a professor that’s likely to be impressed with you. Is there a particular professor that you’ve been interacting with in class? Is there one that you wrote a really good paper for? They’re the one that you want to ask.

Prepare A Summary Document

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It’s likely that your professor has hundreds of students. They’re not going to be able to remember you personally, so you’ll get a better letter if you write them a summary document. That document should have a list of the classes that you took with that professor as well as projects that you worked on.

Give As Much Advance Notice As Possible

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Writing a letter of recommendation is a task that add additional stress to a busy schedule. That means you want to give your professor as much time as possible to write you your recommendation.

Send A Descriptive Email

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If you’re asking for your recommendation via email, it’s necessary to add as much information as possible. A subject line like “Kofi Yeboah – Recommendation Request” is to the point and provides an idea of your request before it’s opened. The request itself should mention your exact connection to the professor (courses you took, etc).



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