11 Things Ghanaian Catholics Can Relate To During Easter

For Catholics, we are currently in the Holy Week. Holy Week began on Palm Sunday and will continue until Easter Sunday. It celebrates the Paschal Mystery, the passion and death of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and his victorious resurrection, his triumph over sin and death and his glorification by his Father.

Usually, people are given Friday through till Monday as off days because it’s Easter but Catholics start the Easter celebration on Thursday.

If you’re a Catholic, I’m sure you’ll relate to all these points.

1. When you remember that you have 4-day weekend

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2. And then you realize you have to be at church every day of that weekend

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3. When it’s Good Friday and it hits you that you can’t eat meat, just fish

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4. You keep hearing Easter egg and Easter bunny on social media and TV but you can’t relate because Ghana we dey

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5. When you’re at mass on Good Friday and they read the scripture about how Jesus was tortured just for your sake.

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6. When you forget yourself and sin again on Holy Saturday

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7. but you remember that Jesus is still dead for that sin

8. When it’s time to go for confession but you realise it’s been 10 years since you last did and you feel guilty so you push it to the next year🌚

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9. You dozing during vigil mass

10. When it’s 12am and you’re still sleeping in church and you wake up to them shouting “He is risen” in different languages

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11. Easter Sunday = Fufu or Jollof so all the up and down stress is worth it at the end

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