Debrah Sarpong: The Inspiring Story Of How He Attained Academic Success Amid Challenges

Debrah Sarpong

Debrah Sarpong recently graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), with a Master of Science degree in Accounting and Finance. However, his journey to attaining such a feat was not easy.

He encountered many stumbling blocks as he strived to attain academic education, but his resilience and determination enabled him to overcome the challenges and achieve his goal.

Sarpong shared his story on Facebook to inspire others.

Read his story below:

“At the age of 12, I could hide small wraps of cocaine in a matches box and delivered it safely to some guys at Amakom without being caught in return for money. Fearing I could either get caught by the police or be forced to taste the drug one day, I stopped getting closer to the man who used to be the drug dealer. I started a shoeshine business in order to get my daily bread and finance my school bills. I paid my BECE registration of GHC3 (30,000 old Ghana Cedis) through savings from the shoeshine business.

“I was second-best in the school when results were released by WAEC. No money to further to SHS, I became a phone repairer at Adum and started evening SHS private classes for 3 years. I registered and sat for WASSCE Nov/Dec exams. I performed creditably when results were released. I moved to Kumasi Polytechnic (Kumasi Technical University) to pursue Diploma in Business Studies, Accounting (DBS). After that, I furthered to UEW-K to pursue a BSc in Accounting (Education), and now I’ve graduated with a Master of Science in Accounting and Finance at KNUST.

“I’ve realized God has given each and every one three tools of creation: THOUGHT, WORD AND ACTION. Nobody can take them away from you. There would be distractions like hunger, embarrassment, disappointment and betrayal but remain focused. Worry not about where help would come from. The universe will bring them.

“Have a positive thought and work towards it.

“The universe is just a big Xerox (photocopier) machine. It simply produces copies of your thoughts — Neale Donald Walsch”


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