4 Ways To DIY Your Silk Scarf Into A Top – No Sewing

Over the past few weeks we’ve shown you how versatile a silk scarf is and why you need at least 3 of them in your wardrobe. We’ve shown you the shops on Instagram to get them at and we’ve shown you how to style them on your head.

Today, we are showing you different ingenious ways to wear silk scarfs as a top. No sewing necessary.

Ideally, you want a patterned scarf that’s not too sheer. Since a bandeau is usually worn without a bra, you want to have enough cover, not something which is see-through.


Take a large scarf and fold it into a triangle. Hold it lengthwise across your front near your shoulder blades. Send the two ends to your back and tie it together. You can leave it that way (pictured above) or decide to circle the ends back around to the front and tie a knot under your bust for extra hold. This gives your back a sleek, sexy look without the big knot in the center of your back.


IMAGE: Marie_bernad on Instagram

You can decide to wear a strapless bra or not. Get a long scarf, put it around your back so you can hold the two ends in front of you with both arms and tie a basic knot in front of your boobs. You can tie it again so it is secured. You can leave the ends just hanging in front or keep tying knots until it’s shorter. If it’s very long, you can tie it around your neck to give a halter top vibe.


Get a neck chain. The longer the chain, the shorter the lower cut the neckline will be. Take your scarf and fold it in half (into a triangle). Secure safety pins along the edge, 10 cm (4 inches) away from the tip on both sides.

Image source: cutoutandkeep.net

Place the chain necklace on top of the scarf in line with the safety pins. Fold the small corner of the scarf down. Tuck the pointy corner in to create a straight line and secure in place with a safety pin or you can sew it using needle and thread to secure the chain better.

Image Source: cutoutandkeep.net

To wear the scarf, put the chain necklace around your neck. Tie the scarf at the back to secure. (Source: cutoutandkeep.net)


Image via @sissysaintemarie on Instagram

Make sure the scarf is big/long for this one. Fold the scarf into a rectangle/square. Place it around your back. Use the part on the left to cover the left boob but the end should be on the right shoulder and the one on the right to cover the right boob but the end should be on the left shoulder. The ends should meet at your neck and be tied behind it to be secured.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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FEATURED IMAGE: Marie_bernad on Instagram


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