This 30 Second Hack Will Make Your Mac Or Windows Much Faster

Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

There’s few things in this world as torturous as having your computer slow down for no reason. It can be frustrating trying to get work done and having your PC make everything that should take a minute take 5 instead. Here’s a 30 second hack to speed up your computer.



Most apps generate temporary files to assist in their operations. As the name suggests, these files are supposed to be temporary. However, they just sit in the temp files folder of your computer doing nothing but taking up space and slowing down the PC. Here’s how to clear them out and speed up your computer.

  1. Press the Windows Key + R.
  2. Type in %temp% into the run dialogue box.
  3. Now the temp files folder should be open.
  4. Press CTRL + A to select them all. Then delete and enjoy your sped up computer


Photo by Caio from Pexels
  1. Press COMMAND + SHIFT + G to navigate to any folder on your PC
  2. Enter ~/Library/Caches to get to your temp files folder
  3. Delete all files in the folder. And done!



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