How To Navigate Your NSS When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

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The world’s not perfect and that means sometimes you can just tell that your boss doesn’t like you—at all. You know because of the way they speak to you, the tasks you’re assigned, and just the type of attention you get from them in general. It’s a sucky situation, but here’s what to do.

Don’t Leave Early

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During NSS, there are always one or two things that pop up that give you a chance to get out of work early. If your boss doesn’t like you, of course, you’ll want to go home as early as possible. But that’s only going to worsen the impression of you that they have. That won’t earn you any points.

Show Initiative

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When your boss doesn’t like you, it can be tempting to sideline yourself by avoiding attention during projects and at meetings. What you should be doing instead is making sure that you’re as involved in things as possible. Then even if they don’t like you, you can be sure that they’re going to respect your work.

Be Friendly Towards Them

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When someone shows an interest in you, you’re more likely to like them. It’s that simple. Say hi to your boss when you get the chance. And ask them some questions about themselves. It’s a simple way to try and turn that relationship around.

Don’t Badmouth Them At Work

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If you’re talking to a loved one it’s alright to vent about your boss an blow some steam. But you should in no case talk badly about your boss at work. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, there’s always a chance that it’s going to get back to them.

Communicate Properly If They’re Constantly Criticizing Your Work

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If it always feels like your boss is picking on your work, you need to start communicating before any project. Ask them what their expectations are so you know exactly what to present to them. Additionally, if you have any setbacks along the way, definitely keep them in the loop.



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