#ThatNSSLife: How To Handle Working The Night Shift During Your National Service

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In some rare cases, you’re going to be assigned to work in companies that operate 24/7. That means that you could end up getting assigned some night shift duties. While the night shift might initially seem like fun, it can take its toll eventually. Here’s how you get through it like a boss.

Caffeine Is The MVP


Just getting yourself a sachet of Nescafe before your shift can make all the difference. And you want to take any caffeinated drinks before midnight. That way when you finally get off your shift in the morning, you’re going to be able to get the rest that you need without feeling too uncomfortable.

If Your Job Is Boring, Prepare An Activity Beforehand

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If you’re on a night shift where there are hardly any events, but you’re still required to be on alert, then you’re going to need a way to pass the time. During your NSS, that can be doing some work on your LinkedIn profile, working on your CV or even picking up a new skill with some digital courses.

You Need To Manage Interruptions During The Day

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One of the perks of working the night shift is that you’re going to have days off. That can be a good time to sleep, relax and get rested for your next night shift. However, when you’re available during the day, people might assume that means you’re free. Not having effective boundaries can end up taking a huge toll and leave you moody all time.

Take A Nap During Your Break

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While you’re on the night shift, taking a nap during your breaks can make you feel more rejuvenated and help reduce some of the effects of fatigue.

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