Andeen Hammond: The UG Student Who’s An Expert In Decor And Event Planning

Andeen Maame Efua Hammond is founder of DecorLab

A lot of people were inspired to start businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Andeen Maame Efua Hammond, a final year Psychology student at the University of Ghana, was one of those people.

Andeen started DecorLab towards the end of 2020. According to her, she was bored after being at home for the most part of last year due to COVID-19 and wanted something to do. “I was getting all sort of depressed and I wasn’t comfortable just being there, so I decided to do something profitable, so I ended up doing this,” she explained.

Her business involves planning and making balloon decorations for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and baby christening. She’s also into bridal room styling and making paper flowers.

Starting a decor business was a very easy decision for Andeen to make because she already had the skills needed to make awesome decorations.

“It was easy for me because when I was in JHS I used to do decorations for graduations and other ceremonies for my school… Also, it’s more of a talent because I’m an artist I draw and I love arts and craft,” she said.

Andeen also talked about her experiences and plan after school:

Managing academic work and business simultaneously:

“To be honest it is not easy at all because clients don’t really care if you are a student or not, so you would have to find your way around it. But I’m used to it.”

The best part of being an event planner:

“Meeting new people of different cultures, knowing what they want, also travelling cos sometimes you will have to travel a long distance to make someone’s decor. It’s adventurous and I like it.”

Her worst experience:

“For some clients, I tell them a price and they say it is too expensive. So I try and decrease the price and give them what they paid for because I cannot do something expensive for the amount they paid. I really had one bad experience with this lady who wanted birthday decor and I gave her the price of everything… I did my best and made something that will suit her, it was nice, it was good, and was great for the amount she paid, but she wanted more.”

Her advice to students who want to be entrepreneurs:

“I would really, really encourage that if a student has a passion to do something, they should start now because, after school, it’s not easy to get a job even after national service. Even getting national service in this country is a problem, and earning money in this country is a problem. So if you have something that is getting you money at the side, you better off than having nothing. So I think it’s the best thing to do because Ghana is hot. Ghana is difficult. It’s difficult to say you will work for somebody in Ghana. It’s best to be an entrepreneur. It saves you a lot. You run your own business, you can do things the way you want without people telling you what to do.”

Her plan for her business after school:

“I’m planning on getting a shop to stock materials for events. I’m also planning on starting more businesses… I have a lot of vision and I know all will happen if I’m very consistent. This is what I love doing… I love decor, I love art. So things like this, I would love to work and push my self.”


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