#ThatNSSLife: Techniques That Will Get You Through Heavy Workloads During NSS

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There are times during your National Service that what’s on your plate begins to look a little scary. If you ever find yourself in a position where there’s just too much work to be done, consider doing these things.

Having A TODO List

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This is definitely not a new one, but it’s an effective tip. Organizing your tasks into a list allows you to understand exactly just how much you have to do. And whenever you cross something off your list it’s very satisfying.

Starting With The Easiest Things First

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Starting with the easiest tasks is an easy way to build some momentum. It allows you to gain some confidence will come in handy when you have to work on tasks that are more challenging.

Taking Breaks

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It might initially sound counter-intuitive, but taking short breaks is a good way to stay on track on get your work done. If don’t take any breaks at all, you reach a point where you’re more and more distracted, until finally you aren’t being productive at all.

Keep Your Boss Informed About What You’re Doing

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If you’ve gotten work from multiple different sources, instead of overburdening yourself to meet all those different deadlines, you can speak to your boss and let them about your increased workload. That might get them to push your deadlines and give you more time produce quality work.

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