Mobile Gems For The Casual Gamer

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

Mobile games were made for the moments when you’re looking for some escape from the stresses of life. However, just check your app store and you’ll realize that they’ve become an entirely new world of their own. We’ve sorted through numerous titles, and these are some of the gems that we found along the way.

Genshin Impact

If you’re looking for a low-budget console experience, Genshin Impact is a title that is going to more than exceed your expectations. The game world is brought to life by incredibly immersive graphics which are only going to cost you about 10 gigs of space on the game’s max graphic setting. The characters and story are also interesting and lengthy enough to make this a title that you can play for a while.

Mario Kart

If you’re looking for an early 2000s nostalgia trip, then then Mario Kart Tour for mobile will be a fun way to pass some short breaks. It’s all the excitement from multiplayer Mario Kart on a Nintendo because it’s an online PVP racing game and you compete with other players in real time. Super fun, and a good way to pass a short break.

There Is No Game

This game is as quirky as its title sounds. It’s not a game, as the narrator will tell you a million and one times, but you still end up on a pretty thrilling quest where you have no idea what’s happening half the time. It’s a highly rated title, and rightly so. You won’t find an experience anywhere like it.



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