4 Ways To Handle Stressful Kids

Most, if not all of us have been in a situation where our parents encouraged family members to leave bring their kids over for the weekend or even vacation but at the end of the day, our parents don’t really do the taking care of the kids. We do. We have to deal with the stress and the noise and the “Aunty/uncle I want rice” or “I want toffee.” Well, I’m here to show you tips and tricks on how to handle those stressful beings.

1. Give them heavy food to eat in the morning

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Once they eat some banku/Fufu, they won’t be craving foods that you don’t want to prepare. They want to stress your life? Be 10 steps ahead of them.

2. No sugary stuff

Sugar activates all the noise and the running around and the shoutings and the stress. It makes them hyper. Succumb to their sugar wants only when there are more family members around so they aren’t just your problem.

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3. Give them work to do

Kids have too much energy and time on their hands so use it to your advantage. Let them sweep or mop or clean, they’ll be excited about it. You can even turn it into a competition; winner gets a prize. Now sit back and watch them do the work you should have been doing.

4. Get them to take a nap

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Even if they don’t feel sleepy ask them to lie down and close their eyes. They shouldn’t open it till after a number of hours. This will buy you time to do your own stuff before they wake up and cause havoc again.

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