Jacel Karl Bortey: This UG Student Is One Of The Best Plugs For Apple Accessories

Jacel Karl Bortey

Jacel Karl Bortey is a final year Accounting and Chinese student at the University of Ghana.

He started his business – CaseStudy – in 2018. Jacel’s business involves the sale of Apple accessories for Apple Watch, iPhone and MacBook.

Explaining the reason why he decided to start an online business, Jacel said: “People have now bought the idea of ordering stuff online because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone, pick a car and go to town in search of products to buy. Even now people easily order food from the comfort of their homes and offices… so now it’s easier buying and selling stuff.”

Jacel also talked about how he combines studies and business, his experiences and plan after school:

Managing academic work and business simultaneously:

“It’s difficult and confusing in the beginning but, but as days and years went by I was able to get used to it, combine both and attain success in both. With online business, you don’t have a particular day of attending to customers. People keep contacting you at any time. So its up to you the entrepreneur to manage your time in attending to your customers.”

His worst experience as student entrepreneur:

“When I started this business, I think in two are three months time, we had to go back to school and in the first semester, my exams didn’t really go well for me because the business caught up to me and I was mostly attending to my customers and not concentrating much on my books. So that semesters my results weren’t too good… but I learnt from my mistakes and did better in subsequent semesters.”

His best experience as a student entrepreneur:

“I’ve had a number of great experiences as an entrepreneur, but one of the best is the recognition and great reviews I get for my products. When I go out and people realize that you are the person managing the CaseStudy, they praise me for selling good products and they also recommend me to other people. It feels great.”

His advice to students who want to be entrepreneurs:

“Running a business is not something that you totally learn in school. You will learn some aspects of starting a business, but I think it’s more about the interest you have in the kind of business you want to do. You can start a business that you don’t have an interest in, and in a way you are going to fail because you are not going to find new ways of expanding and providing the best customer service. I think interest is the most important thing, so if you have an interest in a venture you can give it a try and see how it turns out. But I won’t advise anyone to start a business because other people are also doing that. You need to cultivate the interest before taking the step to start a business.”

His plan for his business after school:

“My plan is to expand the business with the aim that my brand will not just be known in Accra but across Ghana and the world.”

source: kuulpeeps.com

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